• We've made your job
    more fun - introducing the Parakeet 2 editor

    Your time is valuable, and we strongly believe making your game should be as fun as playing it. That's why we set out to write a tool that ensures you never get frustrated while doing what you love most. We're proud to present Parakeet 2.

  • Why Parakeet 2?
    Because it doesn't get easier

    Parakeet 2 wants to join you on your amazing journey to become the ultimate independent game developer champion of the world. That's why Parakeet 2 is designed to do all the hard work for you! Anything from optimizations, error-finding and suggesting a better implementation if your code looks dodgy - in real-time. Why not add voice control to Parakeet 2 so you won't even have to flex your fingers? It's possible!

  • An editor for the
    community - by the community

    Parakeet 2 is every hackers dream. Extensibility is the core of the program, and with our fully plugin-based editor you can extend it with every feature you can think of - we have even bundled it with our own in-editor live chat for instant Q&A! Read more about extending Parakeet 2 here on our site.

  • Every plugin is free
    to install and use for unlimited time

    Why should the faceless corporation decide how your workflow should be? It shouldn't, right? That's why every third-party plugin published through Parakeet 2's own Plugin Store will be free to use - forever. No catch! We will open-source many of our own plugins for Parakeet 2 to help you hit the ground running.

  • Make & Share
    Help us help you - and everyone else

    Improving Parakeet 2 is a never-ending cycle, and its future isn't ours to decide - it's yours. We want every brick to be laid by different people with different ideas, and we encourage everyone to make and share extensions for Parakeet 2 through our Plugin Store and your own social hubs - but remember to let us know, because we're excited to see what you're doing!

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    Introducing Parakeet 2

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    Why use Parakeet 2?

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    For the community

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    Unlimited free plugins

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    Help us
    Make & Share

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Parakeet 2 is no longer for sale

Users with existing licenses can still manage their account, download Parakeet 2 and cancel their licenses. Lifetime licenses are valid forever.


If you already have an account, you may download the latest version of Parakeet 2 here.


The installer has not been signed by a verified authority and Windows will therefore block execution of it. To circumvent this, right-click the installer executable, click "Properties" and press the "Unblock" button. Alternatively, when you run the installer you can click "More info" and "Run anyway".