• We've made your job
    more fun - introducing the Parakeet 2 editor

    Your time is valuable, and we strongly believe making your game should be as fun as playing it. That's why we set out to write a tool that ensures you never get frustrated while doing what you love most. We're proud to present Parakeet 2.

  • Why Parakeet 2?
    Because it doesn't get easier

    Parakeet 2 wants to join you on your amazing journey to become the ultimate independent game developer champion of the world. That's why Parakeet 2 is designed to do all the hard work for you! Anything from optimizations, error-finding and suggesting a better implementation if your code looks dodgy - in real-time. Why not add voice control to Parakeet 2 so you won't even have to flex your fingers? It's possible!

  • An editor for the
    community - by the community

    Parakeet 2 is every hackers dream. Extensibility is the core of the program, and with our fully plugin-based editor you can extend it with every feature you can think of - we have even bundled it with our own in-editor live chat for instant Q&A! Read more about extending Parakeet 2 here on our site.

  • Every plugin is free
    to install and use for unlimited time

    Why should the faceless corporation decide how your workflow should be? It shouldn't, right? That's why every third-party plugin published through Parakeet 2's own Plugin Store will be free to use - forever. No catch! We will open-source many of our own plugins for Parakeet 2 to help you hit the ground running.

  • Make & Share
    Help us help you - and everyone else

    Improving Parakeet 2 is a never-ending cycle, and its future isn't ours to decide - it's yours. We want every brick to be laid by different people with different ideas, and we encourage everyone to make and share extensions for Parakeet 2 through our Plugin Store and your own social hubs - but remember to let us know, because we're excited to see what you're doing!

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    Introducing Parakeet 2

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    Why use Parakeet 2?

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    For the community

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    Unlimited free plugins

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    Help us
    Make & Share

Parakeet 2 is no longer for sale

Thank you for all your support and love for Parakeet 2 over the years. We have decided to pull it from sale after 2 successful years as we move on to new adventures. Parakeet was a humbling and life-changing experience for us all and we have come out on the other side with nothing but gratitude - thank you.

If you are an existing license holder you can access your dashboard by going to My Account. Here you can manage your recurring license. If you cancel your license you will not be able to renew it or acquire a new license. Your license will remain valid until you cancel it. For our Lifetime license holders, you will continue to have access to Parakeet 2.

To delete your account and any data associated with it, go to My Account. On your account dashboard you will find instructions.

Parakeet 2 is everything you deserve & more

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    Customizable Styling

    Every inch of Parakeet 2 can be styled & customized, and you won't even have to restart the program.
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    Multiple Monitors

    A modern tool has to support the modern worker - that's why Parakeet 2 has an advanced and easy to use docking solution.
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    Extensible by Design

    We provide a complete documentation site to help you extend Parakeet 2 with your own ideas and functionality.

Parakeet 2 is by users for users

Parakeet 2 is a fully plugin-based editor for GameMaker: Studio games, and we are dedicated to opening up the entire development process.

icon Features at a glance

To see more about the features of Parakeet 2, view the features page.

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    We understand that our preferred design might not be yours

    Every part of Parakeet 2 can be recolored to suit your environment, preferences and creativity - you can also use color schemes by other users & share your own.

  • image
    Real-time code analysis, reporting and suggestions

    Become a better developer with Parakeet 2's real-time code analysis and let it do all the hard work for you - you won't have to memorize variables ever again.

  • image
    Our highly beloved perform scripting - goodbye drag-n-drop

    Small things add up, and so do mouse clicks for adding "Execute Code" blocks. Objects are code-based and all events are foldable and in a single file.

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    A code editor that knows every inch of GameMaker Language

    You can't know everything. Or maybe you can, but sometimes forget. That's when our code editor steps in as your partner in crime and does the dirty work for you.

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    Advanced window docking solution that adapts to you

    If you hate modal windows, clap your hands. If you hate modal windows, then you'll love what we have done, if you hate modal windows, clap your hands...

  • image
    A continuously developed room editor that scales to the challenge

    We have two core focuses: scripting, and level design. We will continue to improve our room editor throughout its life cycle.

  • image
    Streamlined & optimized workflow for the busy developer

    Features like the intelligent Quick Find and version control support help remove unnecessary distractions from your flow and help make the most of your time.

  • image
    We added multi-project support as a core design element

    It is not a feature often used, but when you need it - you really need it. Whether just debugging or working on a multiplayer game, we know you will appreciate this.

  • image
    Project-wide Find & Replace - it's the tool you can't do without

    It is the tool every developer loves, and we went all in. Regular expressions, wildcards, match flags - and toggle what resources to search. Even in multiple projects.

  • image
    Built-in chat for rapid Q&A and team communication

    With our IRC-based chat plugin you get immediate answers to questions by people sharing your passion - or communicate with your team in unlimited private chats.

  • image
    Global Game Settings the way they should have been

    Do we need to say more? We were hard-pressed to find pros in our list for the original global game settings layout, so we took it onto ourselves to clean it up.

  • image
    Simplistic and automatic Drag & Drop to GML Conversion

    Cleaning out clunky D&D code from your GameMaker: Studio project is as simple as opening it in Parakeet. We automatically convert D&D code to GML upon the first load.

icon Why use a third-party editor?

There are countless benefits to using a third-party editor that has been designed with the core principles Parakeet 2 exemplifies, and we have listed a few of them below.

  • Parakeet 2 is by the GameMaker community for the GameMaker community. We are doing everything we can to share our knowledge and open up the development process. We don't want Parakeet 2 to have any single group of developers dictating what direction to take - including ourselves.
  • If you want a new feature, you won't have to submit it through an approval process and wait for months to see it. You can implement it and distribute it to all Parakeet 2 users as fast as you can spell your own name.
  • We are able to do what companies cannot, because we are not under the same restrictions. That means we can take chances, experiment and improve to our heart's content - and because Parakeet 2 is an open platform, so can you.
  • This project first saw the light of day back in September 2014. While the initial take-off was caught by headwind, we now have a strong and dedicated team of developers who want nothing more than to make your jobs more fun.

icon Is it safe to use a third-party editor?

We understand that using a third-party editor for your most prized project is not an easy decision, and it is a responsibility we handle with utmost concentration. We have outlined some key points that we believe make us worthy of catering to your needs.

  • We have quality test tools to ensure correct output between GameMaker: Studio and Parakeet 2 - even down to whitespaces and linebreaks. We never release an update without these tests passing against the latest version of GameMaker: Studio.
  • We employ an open and community-based development philosophy that resembles open-source environments. Head over to our blog for more info.
  • Every user of Parakeet 2 is treated as a co-developer. We are doing everything we can to help users realize the potential of this editor, and that what the future holds is not just up to us.
  • If you encounter a critical problem, we will fix it in the next update. Report the problem to us through our bug tracker.