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Parakeet version 0.4.8 has been released January 15th, 2014. Get it now! For info about the latest release, read the release notes.

Parakeet is no longer under development. Read about this here
If interested, please apply through e-mail to or other means of communication available on our contact page.

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About Parakeet

What Is Parakeet?

Parakeet is an alternative GameMaker: Studio IDE that allows you to work in a more streamlined environment with more focus on programming, less focus on learning and the world of focus on ease-of-use.

With a unique Parakeet Extensive GameMaker Language (PEGML) Parakeet converts all GameMaker events into code functions, allowing you to program your game with minimal GUI!

We strive to deliver an all-round solid environment with all the tools you can require in your game development process, including game design.

Software? Freeware!

The sad truth is a website, a webdomain and our time isn't free, so distributing Parakeet free of charge of course isn't without expenses to us. The Parakeet Wallet and your support allows us to decrease our expenses in making Parakeet and for example bring you this website, which has been completely funded by our supporters.

Without your support we wouldn't be able to keep Parakeet free and the last thing we want to do is have to commercialize - or even kill - this project.

All our gratitude goes out to all of our incredible supporters who help us give you what you want.


Parakeet is an extension to GameMaker: Studio and as such it is required that you own a legal copy of aforementioned software for full functionality.

Parakeet does not support older GameMaker versions, however importing these into GameMaker: Studio will create a project structure usable by Parakeet.

You can create and edit projects without GameMaker: Studio installed but aforementioned software is required to build and run your created games.

Support Us

Parakeet Wallet funds available: $388.63

Total funds donated: $429

The 'Parakeet Wallet', as we like to call it, is the total amount of funds we have available to improve Parakeet, the best alternative GameMaker IDE. These funds consist entirely of donations made by our supporters - you can see who these incredible people are to your right. This wallet has helped us secure this webdomain and it allows us to distribute Parakeet as freeware. All we ask in return is that you consider supporting us in whatever way you can.
Supporters are listed here and on the official developer's blog, if a name has been entered and the donation is larger than $9.

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Our Supporters

A great thanks to our amazing supporters, who make it possible for us to distribute Parakeet as freeware.
We wouldn't be here without you!

  • Donations over $69
  • guidrygames

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  • Thygrrr
  • Dan Johnston

  • Donations over $29
  • ziggler1
  • Boysano Indie Games

  • Donations over $19
  • Michael PW (MishMash)
  • bito
  • Some Guy
  • MonkeyMaw
  • Gianluca D'Angelo (GregBUG)

  • Donations over $9
  • Harlon Norse
  • Connor Y.
  • Thijsmie
  • Damon Ellerbee